What the experts Said the question of giving birth at home (Home Birth), safe or not?

What the experts Said the question of giving birth at home (Home Birth), safe or not?

Lately, we are presented with a wide view of the question of trends. Not just the normal childbirth and caesar, there's also a gentle birth, water birth, until lotus birth. Each method has brought forth the pros and cons of each so surely return again on the decision of each expectant mother. In addition, some pregnant women who prefer to give birth at home rather than in hospital. Hence, whether this secure delivery method do? Yuk, find out through reviews here.

Choose to give birth at home, safe or not?

Home birth is one method of childbirth who loved by the pregnant mother. Simply put, home birth is the process of giving birth at home is done with the pregnant woman's own decision. Water birth is also included in this, as is usually done in your own home.

A method of childbirth in which one is claimed could make pregnant women more quiet and comfortable during childbirth. The more serene feeling pregnant, then she says it also can reduce the pain of childbirth. However, the next question so whether give birth at home it's safer do?

Actually, the process of giving birth at home could be run safely and smoothly provided that pregnant women do not experience complications. However, regardless of labor done at home still more risky than giving birth in a hospital or maternity clinic.

It is presented by Dr. Budihardja Singgih, DTM & H, MPH, as a Senior Government Advisor from USAID Interlace, as found by tim Hello Healthy in Kuningan, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (18/12) in the digawangi workshop by USAID Intertwine. A doctor who has served as Director-General of the public health community development Kemenkes RI it confirms that the process of giving birth at home is thus more risk.

"Every birth had a risk of complications. If done at home, then of course it will be hard to do help if at any time there are complications. So, it's safer in hospitals or Clinics nearby, "continued Dr. Budihardja.

The benefits and risks of giving birth at home

Until now, home birth still triggers the pros and cons with the benefits and risks that are offered. The following benefits can be obtained if pregnant women giving birth at home:

Increase the intimacy of mother and baby. With giving birth at home, mothers can breastfeed her baby soon. It can even prevent bleeding while giving more antibodies to the infant through breast milk.
Giving birth in a convenient way. Giving birth at home will keep You from the impression the hospital a scary and painful.
Close to the hospital. In case of complications, so mom can be directly taken to the hospital.
Save cost. Of course, the cost of labor at home would be much lower than labor at the hospital.
The risk of giving birth at home
Despite its benefits seem seductive, giving birth at home also saves you need to beware of the risks.

As you already know, the conditions inside the home and hospitals are certainly different. The hospital has medical facilities and tools more complete than at home.

When later complications or barriers to labor, then the physician can perform an action with alacrity to save both mother and fetus. Whereas if the birth is carried out inside the House, it is certainly hard to do. As a result, the safety of the mother and fetus so threatened.

That's why, even though the mother decided to give birth at home, still needed a companion of the doctor, midwife, or doula. In addition, it also prepared medical tools such as oxygen tubing, infusion, or other drugs just in case in case of medical emergency.

His expectations, labor can take place smoothly so that the mother and her baby in a healthy condition and happy.

Consider this first before giving birth at home

Actually, every pregnant woman is entitled to choose the labor whatever it wants. However, it is certainly well adjusted with the health condition of the mother and the janinnya.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, You should a new birthing at home on condition that:

The mother is healthy and not at risk of complications
Want to reduce or even avoid an episiotomy, epidural, or other interventions
Never give birth preterm labor or previous Cesarean
Want to be able to give birth to the most comfortable position with
Feel more comfortable and quiet if giving birth at home
This means that this method of childbirth should not be done for those who have diabetes, preeklampsia, or other medical conditions are at high risk. Again, make sure you pocketed the permission of obstetrician before deciding to give birth at home.

"Kemenkes policy (Ministry of health), all childbirth should be done in hospital or at least the first level health facilities, namely health centers. So if there are complications, could soon be referred to the hospital. As long as there is still a more complete health facilities, should give birth in the hospital, "Dr. Budihardja cap at the end of the interview.

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