Sweet cravings and the stomach Protrudes up into the Mark's pregnant daughter?

Sweet cravings and the stomach Protrudes up into the Mark's pregnant daughter?

Generally you will be able to find out the sex of the baby via ULTRASOUND examination so tread 18-20 weeks gestational age. However, there are still various myths that still believed the community about how to predict the sex of the baby. For example, pregnant women are sweet-sweet food cravings and the shape of his belly more grown up above his mark he pregnant girls. Is it so? Yuk, checks his righteousness through medical evidence that exists!

Is it true that pregnant girls if ...?

1. Experiencing Severe morning sickness

Some people think that pregnant women who experience severe morning sickness meaning pregnant girls.

In fact, the morning sickness or nausea is the most common sign of early trimester pregnancy. Morning sickness occurs due to an increase in two pregnancy hormones, namely hormone gonadotropin (hCG) and estrogen, concurrent with a decrease in blood sugar is very low. On the very severe symptoms, nausea is called with hiperemesis gravidarum.

Morning sickness usually starts on the 6th week of pregnancy and stopped in week 12. Morning sickness doesn't have to do with the sex of the baby.

2. the extreme mood changes

Mood changes while pregnant are affected by increased levels of estrogen (female sex hormones) which was later attributed as a sign of pregnant girls.

In fact, there are no medical studies that support the theory. Mood changes are indeed very influenced by the levels of estrogen in the body, but this is a common hormonal effects and reasonable happens at each pregnancy. High low estrogen levels do not specify the sex of the baby.

3. The shape of the abdomen more prominent on top

Perhaps this is the myth of how to predict the sex of a baby is the most popular and still believed until now.

But in fact, the shape of the abdomen has nothing to do at all with the sex of the baby you have in the content. The uterus is enlarged will continue throughout the pregnancy to facilitate the growing swell the foetus, regardless of whatever sex.

Well, changing shape and position of tapering belly will depend largely on how much your weight gain during pregnancy, your body type, as well as the strength of Your abdominal muscles for this.

The stronger the muscles of your stomach, the stomach and the uterus will be more stable to prop up any fetus for 9 months.

4. the baby's heart beat faster

Some people believe if the baby's heart rate beat faster than 140 beats per second is the harbinger of a baby girl.

The baby's heartbeat women usually are indeed faster than a baby boy, but this tends to occur after they are born. During the still in the belly, there is no difference in meaning between fetal heart rate of women and men.

Fetal heart rate during in the womb will also continue to fluctuate. In the first 5 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal heart rate is roughly equal with the mother, that is between 80-85 beats per minute. Then, in week 9 will be 170-200 beats per minute.

Over time until eventually approaching labor day detaknya will slowly wane so 120-160 beats per minute.

5. the Cravings to eat sweets

Some people say if while pregnant often sweet-sweet cravings mean You conceive baby girl, while the salty cravings or acidic it means baby boy.

In fact, the cravings have nothing to do at all with the sex of the baby. A food cravings of pregnant women thus allegedly due to certain mineral deficiencies during pregnancy.

6. Weight just increases in abdominal area

He said if only weight gain around the middle of the stomach area, this is a sign of pregnant girls. While the added weight if it just feels on the front end it means pregnant men.

In fact, weight gain of pregnant women will feel a weight on all sides evenly.

7. Oily Skin and hair dull

Kulit Anda berminyak saat hamil atau rambut yang berubah jadi kusam? Ini juga dianggap sebagai tanda-tanda kalau Anda mengandung anak perempuan.

Katanya karena bayi perempuan akan menarik kecantikan ibunya sehingga penampilan fisik Anda akan berubah total. Tentu mitos ini tidak benar adanya.

Kulit wajah dan rambut yang semakin berminyak selama kehamilan dipengaruhi oleh perubahan hormon yang ikut meningkatkan produksi minyak di kulit dan kulit kepala. Bukan akibat jenis kelamin bayi.

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