Pregnant at age 40 Years full of risk, Thus Keeping the pregnancy so that staying healthy

Caution risk of complications while pregnant at age 40 years

It's not impossible if women get pregnant at the age of 40 years and over. However, there could be more difficult and full of risk compared to women who get pregnant at a young age. That's why, you must keep your pregnancy with more Extras so that later the would-be fruit hearts can be born healthy and perfect.

Well, I have a few important tips that you do so that the process of pregnancy until birth later went smoothly. Yuk, read on reviews here.

Caution risk of complications while pregnant at age 40 years

Pregnant in old age is indeed not an easy thing. Although there are still opportunities, pregnant at age 40 and above more risky exposed pregnancy complications.

One of the biggest risks that may occur while pregnant at the age of 40 years is susceptible of miscarriage. In fact, the risk of kegugurannya can reach 70 percent, lho.

Yet stop up there, the woman who got pregnant at the age of 40 years also are at risk of experiencing premature labor. Vice versa, the would-be baby thus might just never born because kontraksinya runs slower.

Not only have an impact on the health of the mother only, candidate for fruit to your heart could also be affected, lho. If you do not keep the pregnancy, the risk of sudden infant death in the womb (stillbirth) will also increase. The most feared, the baby will be born in a form that is not perfect, both physically and the development of the chromosomes.

An example of a chromosome disorder most often happens is Down Syndrome. Yes, this is quite often experienced by women who are pregnant at the age of 40 years and over.

Guides keep the pregnancy at age 40 years

Although it is not easy, but it does not mean you can not give birth to a healthy baby and perfect at the age of 40 years, lho. Most importantly, You should really keep the pregnancy with as best as possible so that the health of the mother and baby optimal fixed labor to arrive.

To anticipate the various risks of pregnancy, there are several ways that you can do to keep the pregnancy at an age no longer young, namely:

1. check routine pregnancy

Ideally, a medical examination is not only conducted after the occurrence of a pregnancy, but instead must be done before planning a pregnancy. This aims to mengatisipasi the development of congenital disease mothers that may harm janinnya.

For example, if you have diabetes, then you must control your blood sugar levels so that later did not inhibit pregnancy. So too for those of you who have excess weight, you are encouraged to immediately lose weight in order to lower the risk of complications.

While pregnant, make sure you do the pregnancy checks in accordance with the schedule prescribed by the obstetrician. The examination is a physical examination, examination of the blood, and an ULTRASOUND to find out the problems that may arise during pregnancy.

Just maybe, the obstetrician will work with a specialist in the disease to monitor the health of pregnant women. First, for those of you who have congenital diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, hypertension, etc. Some of the checks will be carried out in between screening diabetes, renal function, liver, and heart.

2. Keep your diet

I think there is no special food that must be consumed to keep her pregnancy pregnant women stay healthy. Most importantly, make sure the food you consume contain complete nutritional substances, especially foods that are a source of protein and high in fiber.

Wherever possible, do not obey the origin of common food cravings when pregnant. What if the food that you want to contain high sugar and fat as pregnant milk, ice cream, or chocolate.

Rather than make the body healthy, so drink milk pregnant or feeding the sweet thus may increase the risk of prediabetes or diabetes. Same is the case with high-fat foods that can make your weight goes up drastically.

3. Adequate rest

Many people say that bedrest while pregnant it is important so that no mother was exhausted. In fact, this assumption is wrong, you know.

It needs to be emphasized that pregnant women are healthy people, not people who are sick. For this reason, pregnant women is not recommended for certain medical reasons bedrest.

Any age of pregnant women, whether it's above or below 35 years of age, still recommended for normal activities as usual. Thus if no activity, the body of pregnant women so easily limp and trigger a variety of ailments that could endanger her pregnancy.

Pregnant women are lazy motion precisely will be vulnerable affected obesity and hypertension (hypertension). Most importantly, make sure you get enough rest so that the body remains healthy.

4. folic acid supplement Drink

In addition to regulating diet, pregnant women are also advised to drink supplements of folic acid. Folic acid, or vitamin B9, is one of the essential nutrients that can help the growth of the fetus and protect it from the risk of birth defects in the baby.

First, for those of you who decide to get pregnant at the age of 40 years, low-dose folic acid naturally will not be enough to protect the body of the mother and baby during pregnancy. Again, this is because You are having a high-risk pregnancy complications than pregnant women who was younger.

A high dose of folic acid is recommended to be consumed since 3 months before pregnancy or while began to plan a pregnancy. Well, this needs folic acid you can get folic acid supplements pass.

5. Exercise regularly

Pregnant women may only do sports regularly, it is highly recommended. However, it is noted for its sports type again, Yes.

If you are already accustomed to regular exercise since before getting pregnant, you may forward the sport whatever it is. However, if you are unfamiliar, please choose a type of mild intensity sport safer for pregnant women.

Now it's already great selection exercise for pregnant women, ranging from zumba salsa, gymnastics, yoga, or pilates. Of course, avoid exercise free weights, treadmills, or exercise other heavy risk for pregnancy.

Try to exercise at least 2 times a week each for 30 minutes. When felt heavy, you may also divide it into 4 times a week each 15-minute sports so that more light.

6. Doing vaccines

Pregnant condition makes the immune system is so vulnerable and so the decline hit by the disease. Well, this is where the importance of immunization while pregnant to boost immune health and keeping your baby later.

So too for those of you who got pregnant at age 40 or over, you still advisable to do vaccinations. There are 5 compulsory vaccines are ideally carried out by all mothers who are planning a pregnancy, regardless of the age factor. The vaccines of which hepatitis B, tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap), MMR, varicella, and cervical cancer vaccine.

As long as you can keep the pregnancy well, it's not impossible for you to be able to give birth smoothly. Your baby is also going to be born healthy and happy, in accordance with your expectations.

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