Choose A Midwife Or Obstetrician, If You Want To Plan A Pregnancy?

Choose A Midwife Or Obstetrician, If You Want To Plan A Pregnancy?

Whether you are planning to have children in the near future? If Yes, of course there will be a lot of things that must be prepared carefully. The first step you should usually specify which health practitioners are competent to realize your dream. Whether it's a midwife or obstetrician. Who, Yes, should be chosen?

Understand the difference used to be both

Many people assume if a midwife and obstetrician are two similar profession. Yes, the same expert in matters of pregnancy and content, often making a midwife and obstetrician equated. In fact, both the midwife or obstetrician has many specific differences may not yet understand.


The most fundamental difference from a midwife and obstetrician, namely educational background. A midwife is a person who has pursued a profession of midwifery education program, which is usually available in the secondary as D3 or D4 obstetrics. The time it takes someone to officially become a midwife more or less during the 3-4 years.

But don't stop until there. If you want to open their own practice, midwives must have a certificate of competency as proof that the ability has been qualified to support his work.

There are early education, midwife has indeed introduced directly on World Health and content. Armed with the expertise, make trusted as midwives, health workers are not only ready to help deal with the pregnancy only. Age group ranging from infant to adult women can also checked his health on the midwife.

According to m. Christina Johnson, CNM, as a Director of the American College of Nurse-Midwifes (ACNM) United States, that a midwife generally tend to be expert to handle complaints is still normal to happen during pregnancy. Equipment owned by the midwives usually only handles special action program pregnancy which is still not public, which is already complex.

The obstetrician

While the obstetrician is a medical personnel who have the special ability to provide and serve the care about pregnancy, childbirth, and content. At first glance looks similar to the midwife. But again, good midwife or obstetrician attended a different educational background.

Before becoming a specialist obstetrician, obstetrician had to traverse a 3.5-4 years undergraduate education medicine first. After graduation, it took about 2 years to undergo koasisten (koas) who then proceeded to do a test of competence of doctors as stages before being appointed general practitioners.

If all stages have been completed, the new general practitioner is permitted to take content specialists (obstetrics and Gynecology/OB-GYN) who more or less lasts for 4 years. That's why, physicians usually have higher competency to deal with complaints about pregnancy and birthing, described by Jennifer Niebyl, M.D., as a lecturer in obstetrics and gynecologist from the University of Iowa in the United States.

pregnancy Checkup

Choose a midwife or obstetrician to prepare program pregnant?
In fact, though the same has the task to look, but both of these health care personnel have the competencies and skills that are quite different. No exception in making long-term pregnancy preparation. If this is your plan, either a midwife or obstetrician alike could be the right choice.

However, there are specific notes that you should understand. Put it this way, because the authority and competence of the midwives are not the same as the obstetrician, then usually a midwife is only able to perform limited consultation or an examination of the basis at the beginning of the course.

If later you need stages a deeper medical examination, such as administering medications, ULTRASOUND examination, as well as other advanced actions, then the obstetrician is the correct answer. The cause is usually before planning the program pregnant, Your body and your partner's condition will be checked thoroughly – the reproductive organs.

If later found there is a problem, whether it be the position of the uterus, the uterus tilts upside down, or other abnormal condition in the reproductive system, then the doctor who had more authority to help you resolve this problem. Based on those results, the doctor can determine pregnancy which is most suitable for you and your partner.

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